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06 August 2012 @ 01:17 am
In Which I'm Not Dead  
Hey everyone! I'm not dead. 

I'm currently at work. I'm bored, and watching Bridezillas. I've been wandering the vast and intricate web of Livejournal lately on a hunt for Twin Peaks fanfiction, and in that search, I realized that a non-melodramatic entry in my own journal was somewhat long overdue.  

So here I am.

I think Bridezillas has convinced me that, when and if I get married, eloping seems to be the way to go. My family is big on giant parties, so obviously, there would have to be one of those eventually, but as far as the ceremony goes, running away and doing it in secret seems to appeal to me more than anything. I remember freshman year my roommates and I used to joke that I should get married in the Egyptian wing at the Met. I think we had the whole thing planned out, at one point. Somehow I have a feeling that's not going to come to fruition.

Did you know that over 50 million adults suffer from sore mouth? Did you know that there's an actual condition called sore mouth? Apparently we're all in danger, and the only thing standing between us and the orally painful collapse of society is green mouthwash sold at one in the morning during Bridezillas. Who knew?
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