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09 December 2010 @ 01:11 am
Official Index/Guide/Whatever For "The Untitled Story"  
Yes, this is it. The index to my story for runaway_tales "The Untitled Story"

Clever title, no?

Anyway, this is mostly for people who may or may not read the pieces I plan to put up in runaway_tales so they don't get too confused when I post things out of order. Which I plan to do. A lot. It's an original piece, not fanfiction, and to be honest, it's not the most interesting of things. All I ask is that you don't laugh at this index. If you know me in real life, don't bring it up. It doesn't exist.

Also, yes, it takes place at on a university campus. You may roll your eyes, but you know, college campuses are surprisingly interesting if you spend enough time there and imagine all sort of crazy things to keep yourself entertained. Writers write what they know, right? So, at the moment, this is what I know.

So, without further ado, here it is. Well, behind this cut.

The Untitled Story

The Premise
Engelen University is not a normal school. Which really, when you think about it, is a pretty normal beginning to a premise for a story. It's always "X thought it was just a normal Y until one day it discovered it wasn't." Almost every interesting story begins with something out of the ordinary. Rarely do you hear opening sentences like "It was a perfectly normal, moderate day, when X began her tax deductions." It has to be something more fascinating. Something a bit more mysterious, enigmatic, or even, on occasion, wondrous.

And thus, we begin with the premise that Engelen University is not a normal school.

It wasn't it's appearance that made it different. It wasn't it's somewhat remote Northern location, or it's strange choice of subject matter. It wasn't the lake that seemed to have a permanent mist over it, or even it's eclectic group of students. What made Engelen so noticeably abnormal was nothing more than a feeling in the air. Anyone who has ever set foot on it's campus has noticed the school's otherworldly quality. For some, this feeling attracts and inspires them. For others, it simply drives them away.

It's here, in this typically atypical location, that our story begins. Or at least, it's here that several stories begin to overlap.

Once upon a time, a little girl was born. On that evening her parents were visited by a fortune teller, who, after holding the child in her arms, gasped, and informed them that one day, their daughter would slaughter an angel in cold blood, and vanish.

This girl grew up to be our protagonist, Charley Anderson, a girl forever haunted by her own fate. Her love of stories and storytelling got her accepted into Engelen, and her fascination with the people around her keeps her there. Her best friend Ruby is emotionally needy and dependent, but seems to have a strange sense of entitlement to her. Her roommate, Morgan, experiments with alternative religions, while a strange new student may or may not like to steal people's voices to teach them a lesson.

With so many secrets gathered all in one place, it would seem that we have a story about stories. How does that work, then? Can so many disconnected stories possibly all fit into one narrative?

Well, let's find out.
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